Transaction Fees

Xahau smart contracts (Hooks) need transaction & destination specific fees. You can easily get the required fee from the `fee` RPC command.

While libraries may deal with fee determination for you (see Transaction Signing), when building your own integrations with the Xahauy ledger, you may have to implement dynamic fee determination based on the transaction, source & destination account.

As the sender of a transaction will have to pay for the fees required for the invoked Hooks for the specific transaction type, where Hooks can live both on the source & destination account, you can send a TX Blob (signed with a dummy account) to the fee command, after which Xahau will return the specific fees required for the specific transaction.

Fee RPC Helper

Transaction fees on a ledger with the Hooks Amendment enabled become non-trivial to compute for end-users and/or wallet applications. This is because strong hooks must be paid for by the originator of a transaction, and there may be as many as 4 strong hooks on the sending account and 4 on the receiving account, as well as any other strong transactional stakeholders involved (as can be the case with some exotic transaction types). Further, if the transaction is a SetHook then the size of the parameters, the size of the code and whether it is a create operation or an install operation all determine the size of the fee.

Therefore it is highly recommended that all transactions be run through the updated fee RPC call before they are submitted to the ledger.

To invoke the RPC call:

  1. Open a websocket connection to the Hooks node you will be working with.

  2. Compose the serialized transaction you wish to know the fee for with the following:

  • Fee: 0

  • SigningPubKey: "" (That is: 0 byte VL of type 0x73. In hex:0x7300.)

  • Do not sign the transaction.

  1. Submit it as a hex blob to the RPC as follows:

{"command":"fee", "tx_blob":"<hex blob>"}

For HTTP POST RPC submit it as follows:

{"method":"fee", "params": [{"tx_blob":"<hex blob>"}] }

The response should look something like

  result: {
    drops: {
      base_fee: '130520',
  type: 'response'

Take the base fee and set it as the Fee field in the transaction. Now sign and submit it as per the normal transaction submission process.

If there is an invalid value for tx_blob or tx_blob is missing, a regular JSON result will be returned with a base_fee of 10.

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