Import VL Sequence

(Added by the [Import amendment][].)

The ImportVLSequence helps track and validate the order of operations during the import process. It is used to ensure that the correct sequence of events occurs and to handle any discrepancies or updates to the dUNL on the "burning" ledger.

Example JSON

  "LedgerEntryType": "ImportVLSequence",
  "Flags": 0,
  "ImportSequence": 2023102101,
  "PublicKey": "n9LigbVAi4pQc6pU2KJvQZV5wqJ8C3sVvZvBZUopchH8vqa6PEKy",
  "index": "49647F0D748DC3FE26BDACBC57F251AADEFFF391403EC9BF87C97F67E9977FB0"


A ImportVLSequence object has the following fields:

Import VL Sequence ID Format

The ID of a ImportVLSequence object is the [SHA-512Half][] of the following values, concatenated in order:

  • The Import VL Sequence space key (0x0049)

  • The Public Key of the Import Validator List

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