A TicketCreate transaction sets aside one or more [sequence numbers][Sequence Number] as Tickets.


(Added by the [TicketBatch amendment][].)


    "TransactionType": "TicketCreate",
    "Account": "rf1BiGeXwwQoi8Z2ueFYTEXSwuJYfV2Jpn",
    "Fee": "10",
    "Sequence": 381,
    "TicketCount": 10
FieldJSON Type[Internal Type][]Description




How many Tickets to create. This must be a positive number and cannot cause the account to own more than 250 Tickets after executing this transaction.

If the transaction cannot create all of the requested Tickets (either due to the 250-Ticket limit or the owner reserve), it fails and creates no Tickets. To look up how many Tickets an account currently owns, use the [account_info method][] and check the account_data.TicketCount field.

Tip: This transaction increases the sending account's [sequence number][Sequence Number] by 1 plus the number of tickets created (TicketCount). This is the only transaction that increases an account's sequence number by more than 1.

Error Cases

Besides errors that can occur for all transactions, {{currentpage.name}} transactions can result in the following transaction result codes:

Error CodeDescription


The TicketCount field is invalid. It must be an integer from 1 to 250.


This transaction would cause the account to own more than the limit of 250 Tickets at a time, or more than the maximum number of ledger objects in general.


The sending account does not have enough XAH to meet the owner reserve of all the requested Tickets.

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