Running a Mainnet Node

Xahau Mainnet allows for running your own local node. You can run a Docker Container or connect with your own local running instance.

Connecting to the Xahau Mainnet with Docker

To connect to the Xahau Mainnet you can use this docker container:

  1. Clone the repository

  2. Run ./build

  3. Run ./up

  4. Connect using WebSockets or RPC: WebSocket: ws://localhost:16006 RPC (HTTP POST): http://localhost:16007

Local instance

Peering info



Technical docs

WebSocket URL

Public peering

Network ID: 21337 Peer 1: 21337

Binary & config

For ubuntu 22.04: Download:

For the latest release build numbers, see the Github Build Actions.

Extract, then run: ./xahaud --net --conf xahaud.cfg Config file sample (to be saved as xahaud.cfg):


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