Cancels an unredeemed Check, removing it from the ledger without sending any money. The source or the destination of the check can cancel a Check at any time using this transaction type.


(Added by the [Checks amendment][].)


    "Account": "rUn84CUYbNjRoTQ6mSW7BVJPSVJNLb1QLo",
    "TransactionType": "CheckCancel",
    "CheckID": "49647F0D748DC3FE26BDACBC57F251AADEFFF391403EC9BF87C97F67E9977FB0",
    "Fee": "12"
FieldJSON Type[Internal Type][]Description




The ID of the Check ledger object to cancel, as a 64-character hexadecimal string.

Error Cases

  • If the object identified by the CheckID does not exist or is not a Check, the transaction fails with the result tecNO_ENTRY.

  • If the Check is not expired and the sender of the CheckCancel transaction is not the source or destination of the Check, the transaction fails with the result tecNO_PERMISSION.

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